Haida Gwaii

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Haida gwaii means “the peoples island”

The most north-western tip of Canada with a view of Alaska in the morning …the moss is like a mattress over a foot thick … supposedly when you take one step in the rain forest in Haida Gwaii underneath your feet is the densest population of micro-organisms in the world …


Buenos Aires

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I have spent a good 20 years of my life photographing life next to and in train yards…the transients, the graffiti artists, the workers and the trains themselves

I was excited to find this rare yard in downtown Buenos Aires…the workers were just changing shifts… I love how this photo came out split in half with the grass and the nature being so warm colored and the cement and factories so cold and shadowy….

best of friends

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they were walking by and i was just going to take a photo of the landscape when the dog went up for a look and she put her arm over his shoulder … a second later it was over


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This photo seems sort of bland but the story behind it is the magic … a good friend and me had hidden on a freight train out of Montréal early in the afternoon with the hopes of going to Quebec city on an adventure …but it was much to early spring and once the train got further up north and the sun set it started snowing and we were freezing inappropriately dressed and in the open wind with cold metal all around us …we hopped off in a little logging city along the st. Laurent river and quickly got into trouble with the drunks locals while trying to warm up at the local bar….we were out of luck and everything was closed…we saw this punk kid in patch leather clothes sitting on his porch in the cold and I just asked him if we could stay at his house…he said sure…actually he was excited and lonely and gave us beer after beer …he walked out of the room for a minute and came back wearing a turban with a giant sword ..Swinging the sword like a madman ..we didn’t know to laugh or to run …I snapped a quick photo… my friend decided to laugh it off and he sort of looks like he is in a patterned straight-jacket …. We left soon after and rested in a cabin for train workers and went back to Montréal in the morning

freight train

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about to roll out of town and head up north into the tundra


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A ferry late at night  on the northern pacific coast of  canada  looking for a place to dock


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A forest of cherry pickers along the highway leading into Vancouver