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In the spring of 2010 a friend and I biked from Lisbon Portugal all the way to Copenhagen Denmark to exhibit in a gallery …we made all the work for the show along the way….this night was extremely long we had biked for 17 hours  and were exhausted…a soggy fog hid us from the city …courteous rostockers gave us fish sandwiches and beer and offered us showers ….we had a run in with a baby boar and ended up sleeping at an abandoned s-bahn station in the port ….woke up soaking from condensation… to me this photo looks like it has been taken underwater and I imagine a submarine train line …this fog is true to color as the lighting was off of a giant  aqua logo for some German boat company



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A precarious stiletto teeters on the brink of post-Queensday urine scented Dutch canal unable to be reached


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I love the life around the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Barcelona …it is a clash of worlds … I worked inside painting a mural for a month and took many photos on the sunny lunches outside..the skateboarders and bikers and drunks and shoppers all mingling in what makes up the character of a city…. this man took out his dentures before his siesta on the sidewalk

Western Sahara

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Every 2 years or so I go on a grand adventure with my friend, Mike…we’ve hopped trains from Vancouver to Kamloops …we’ve snuck into the catacombs underneath Paris for a night…we’ve hitch-hiked across Spain

Last year we tried to go to Mauritania to ride the longest freight train across the Sahara desert…but there had been a coup and you needed a military convoy to get into the country…it was such a big mess we ended up in Western Sahara…where I pushed Mike in his wheelchair miles into the desert…made tea on a bonfire and watched the falling stars in the Sahara sky


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A nice fall day sneaking around the abandoned amusement park along the river Spree in Treptow Park

Costa Rica

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Two giant toads making love in a pond


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Living in Buenos Aires…you see random violence…robberies…fights…even a friend of mine who came to visit was shot…the bullet passed through both of his thighs and out the other side, luckily hitting no bones…at first glance, I thought the gun was real

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