Born in Canada. I began scribbling and photographing in dark alleys and train yards up in the tundra almost 22 years ago.

From the forgotten parts of northern cities I found my way to photographing, painting, drawing and printmaking (all self-taught). Inspired more by things falling apart than coming together…from big city squalor to old closed rural mines. I find new stories in old abandoned trails and literally illustrate most of these tales on characteristically flawed discarded surfaces.

My work is a dense layering of patterns and objects, resulting in methodical clutter. All that I see comes out. It is a purging or a cleansing of all the filler in the modern world – a dream state that’s constantly on the road. My work speaks of movement, as I’m in movement. Constantly living in different countries, from Asia to Europe to South America to North America.

The passage through many cultures and the constant new beginnings replenish me with new visual matter. It challenges my mind with the diversity, while at the same time, I hope to challenge the world and leave bits of myself across much of the planet.

my paintings and prints can be viewed at http://www.flickr.com/photos/other/

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